Drip irrigation in the industrial potato cultivation

The cultivation of potato is growing worldwide, where Europe and Asia have the 80% of the production (Source: FAOSTAT). The lack of soil to the expansion of the crop surface obliges to apply improvements in the output and development of new technologies. According the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), for this crop to be sustainable, the sector must implement the production volume per unit of water used. In this sense, although any other irrigation system in valid to the crop of potato, the localized irrigation system seems to be the best alternative.

To demonstrate it, a test in two plantations in Spain was done, where the farmer handle in parallel sectors irrigated with mobile, one by sprinkling and other with localized drip irrigation. Monitoring and handling of the drip irrigation system

  • • Higher efficiency in the application of irrigation water.
  • • Better irrigation and production control.
  • • Waterlogging areas were avoided.
  • • Improvement in the productivity and uniformity of the crop
  • • Higher weight of dry extract of potatoes irrigated with drip irrigation.

Nowadays localized irrigation is to be considered as a key tool in the control and management of the production costs. drip irrigation with Skydrip was possible to obtain a saving in water and energy, as a better quality  production.

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